Renal Support Network (RSN) is a nonprofit organization that provides non-medical services to those affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Call our Hopeline (800) 579-1970 M-F from 10-4pm (PT) to talk to a person who has lived with kidney disease. 

Listen to organ donation themed KidneyTalk Podcasts and watch an inspiring video. Get facts and information about organ donation and the need for organ and tissue donors. Learn about ways you can help raise awareness.

Organ Donation Policies around the World with Tom Mone, CEO of OneLegacy
A limited supply of organs continues to hinder organ transplantation around the world. A significant percentage of potential organ donors are lost either to medical failure, or through an inability to obtain consent for donation.  Millions of people in the world have benefited from organ transplantation and it remains the primary treatment for kidney failure. Listen in as Lori and Tom discuss policies and the evolution of transplantation and what the future holds for living and deceased organ donation in our own country and around the world.Organ Donation Policies around the World

To Remember Me by Robert Noel Test 1926 - 1964

To Remember Me is an inspiring essay written by Robert Noel Test in 1976. He told Abigail Van Buren that he had written it during his lunch break. He also told her he had only a high school education and wrote "for the fun of it."

Remembering Celeste Castillo-Lee - She contributed greatly as an advocate for the kidney community and was a leader in patient engagement. Her commitment, compassion and leadership impacted hundreds of thousands of patients and she will be missed. Read More 

Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter
The latest Live&Give Newsletter, the "Self-Discovery" issue, is out. Arriving now at locations around the country. Make sure your dialysis and/or transplant clinic has theirs, share and read online, and print as many copies as you'd like for yourself and friends. Read Now

Latest Posts from the RSN Blog

04/06/2017 A Beautiful Life and Legacy

I am just incredibly touched by Raquel Gonzalez’s courageous story. I admire so much how upon the death of her beautiful, teen-age daughter Brittany, she was able to take a heartbreaking situation and turn it into an inspirational legacy....>>


03/01/2017 Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks of Kidney Disease

We've all read stories and articles where the first sentence starts out something like this: "Webster's Dictionary defines __________ as _____________." I almost started this article like that when it struck me that I was the definition of...>>


02/08/2017 The Great Meerkat Incident that Led to Love

Bill and Ginger have a beautiful love story, with a twist. They met at RSN's support group meeting for people who have kidney disease and bonded over their mutual susceptibility to wanderlust. These two day-trippers prove love and adventure go hand...>>


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