Renal Support Network (RSN) is a nonprofit patient-run organization that provides non-medical services to those affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Call our Hopeline (800) 579-1970 M-F from 10-5pm (PT) to talk to a person who has lived kidney disease. RSN Events: Patient Meetings 8/14 & 9/18, Monthly Support Group  Celebrity Charity Poker/Bingo Tournament 11/12.  

KidneyTalk Celebrates Ten Years of Podcasts
To celebrate this anniversary in KidneyTalk’s history, Renal Support Network (RSN) has curated a special, celebratory Tenth Anniversary KidneyTalk Collection, showcasing ten outstanding and representative KidneyTalk episodes drawn from all of the series’ informative, inspirational, and entertaining radio show podcasts. Listen now to these great podcasts.

Upcoming Patient Education Meeting
RSN hosts Patient Educational Meetings at no charge to people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and their family members. At these meetings, healthcare professionals and people who have kidney disease—speak on life-enhancement and illness-related issues relevant to living a fulfilling life despite renal disease. Patients and a guest are treated to a renal-friendly lunch or brunch and raffle prizes will be given away throughout the day. 

This year's meetings will be held on Sunday, August 14th in Santa Ana, CA and Sunday, September 18th in Glendale, CA. Click here for more information and to register online.

Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter
The latest Live&Give Newsletter, the "Mindful Living" issue, is out. Arriving now at locations around the country. Make sure your dialysis and/or transplant clinic has theirs, share and read online, and print as many copies as you'd like for yourself and friends. Read Now

Support the Living Donor Protection Act
Recipients of the very special gift of a kidney are always grateful. Troy Zimmerman, VP of Government Relations, National Kidney Foundation, describes how the Living Donor Protection Act, introduced for the second time in February of 2016, will help people who donate a kidney and remove the barriers living donors are experiencing. Listen to this interview, be informed, and ask your Congressman to support House Bill HR 4616 and Senate Bill 2584. Listen to this Interview

2016 RSN Essay Contest
This year's theme is "What Do You Know Now About Chronic Kidney Disease That You Wish You’d Known When You Were Diagnosed?" To enter, compose an essay of no more than 750 words on the theme and send it to RSN by August 1, 2016. Prizes are awarded to the top three essays.

For full details and contest rules please click here.

Lori Hartwell Featured in Toastmaster Magazine
Lori Hartwell the President and Founder Spreads a Message of Hope in the March 2016 Toastmaster Magazine - Navigating the Two Sides of Healthcare. Read the Article

Latest Posts from the RSN Blog

05/10/2016 Living in the Moment

A popular saying is “Live in the moment!”  Sounds good when it rolls off someone’s tongue or when you read it to yourself, but how do you actually do it?  I know I am happiest when I am focusing on what is right in front of me. When the...>>


04/13/2016 Don't Know What You've Got ‘Til It’s Gone

A common saying is, “You don't know what you've got until it's gone.” We often take for granted the very things that keep us living.  I had NO kidneys for 12 years and had to rely on a dialysis machine to live. I never gave much thought to my...>>


03/01/2016 50 Shades of Yellow

I have always been acutely aware of urine, or the lack of it, as for 12 years I had no kidneys. Urine is the waste the kidneys filter from the blood. Since I was diagnosed at age 2 with kidney disease, most of my doctor’s appointments centered...>>


02/04/2016 Happy Creatinine - Celebrating Five Years

CREATININE! Everyone who has had a kidney transplant knows the importance of this number. After blood is drawn, we eagerly await the lab report and we are hoping to see a good creatinine number.>>


01/25/2016 "Once Upon a Prom" RSN Creates Magic for First-Time and Returning Guests

A "Magic Castle" stage backdrop, lighted umbrellas hanging upside down from the ceiling, and elaborate lighted castle/moat centerpieces were special touches to make the room beautiful.  Held at the Glendale Hilton on Sunday, January...>>


01/13/2016 Princess for a Night

There is no greater feeling than helping someone feel pretty and confident about themselves. In preparation for the 17th Annual Renal Teen Prom, young ladies who are battling the same illness as me got to choose the perfect dress for Prom night.>>


12/16/2015 The Model Renal Care Worker: from the Patient’s Perspective

Adapted from: Essential Guide to Living with a Chronic Illness by James W. Long, MD>>


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